EFR Regiment Uniform & Accoutrements

 Conforming to the period 1781 and during the American Revolution

Typical Uniform of an East Florida Ranger
  • Hunting Frock – in Tan, Camel, Green, Brown or another natural earth tone
  • Shirt w/ collar in a natural earth tone
  • Shirt w/ collar, White (For ceremonies and Regimental Mess)
  • Neck Stock, black or black silk cravat
  • Breeches
  • Leggings/gaiters (canvas or leather)
  • Socks
  • Buckle Black Shoes/moccasins/ black or tan boots
  • Riflemen’s Hat (black preferred, gray acceptable) w/ Buck Hair/Pin Cock (Black or colored cockade optional)
  • Leather Belt, black or brown/sash, woven, cotton or silk
  • Brass Gorget on black ribbon – Sergeants
  • Silver Gorgets on black ribbon – Officers
  • EFR Medallion – All Rangers
  • Flintlock rifle or musket or fusil (w/flash guard, hammer stall, cow’s knee & sling {Brown, black or buff} if possible)
  • Cartridge pouch n shoulder strap (King’s Pattern or that of the Colonies) {Brown, Black or Buff) – all occasions except scouting parties
  • Powder horn/primer/ Powder Measure – Scouting/Hunting Parties
  • Pick & Whisk
  • Haversack
  • Cup
  • Bowl or plate
  • Utensils
  • Personal Grooming needs
  • Fire Starter
  • Sewing Kit
  • Pipe and tobacco
  • Food – hardtack, jerky, coffee
  • Knife
  • Hawk or belt axe
  • Canteen (Tin or Copper in King’s pattern or that of the Colonies) – Water or Rum only – No Ale or Meade!
Personal Appearance & Conduct
  • On Scouts Rangers are authorized to adopt those attributes and techniques employed by the Indians which may serve to endear them to the Loyal Indian Allies, terrorize our adversaries and give advantage to our cause in the field of battle –and – from time to time as it may suit the event.
  • All items to be worn or carried by each Ranger to enable swift, silent and disciplined movement in the field in order to maintain the advantage against our adversaries!
    In camp, a Ranger’s tent shall be in good repair and well-pitched and laid out to ensure the health and good order of the Regiment.
  • Hair – cut short or worn long. If worn long, the hair to be bound and tied in a queue.

Additional history on provisioning can be found here.

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