School of the 16th Century – The Closest Thing to a Time Machine

Members of the General Public are Cordially Invited to View and Participate in Displays, Demonstrations and Instruction in and of 16th Century (1513-1586). Covered by this event are period Historic Weapons · Artillery · Armor – Equipment and Accessories · Clothing · Crafts – Culinary Arts · Religious Practices · Camp Life. The School is presented by Men of Menéndez Living History Interpreters and St. Augustine Historical Society.

The School of the 16th Century is an event designed to tell both the public and the aspiring re-enactor everything they wanted to know about the 16th century.  For the visiting public it is an opportunity to learn how to fire a crossbow, fire a musket or even a cannon.  It also presents the opportunity to learn about clothing, cooking, and other skills in use in the 16th century.

The event takes place on the second Saturday of February on the grounds of the Oldest House Museum, 14 St. Francis St. in St. Augustine from 10AM to 5PM. Check our calendar for specific dates.

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