Men of Menéndez

Drake’s Raid Cancelled for 2021

What we do….

  • We are a group of men and women with a desire to re-enact the 16th century and events which occurred therein, such as the founding of St. Augustine.

About us..

Men of Menéndez, named for the founder of the first permanent settlement in the United States, is a re-enactment organization committed to the preservation of St. Augustine and Florida’s History. The emphasis in our interpretation has been the first encounters between Spanish and indigenous Florida peoples. Members present historical information through Living History demonstration depicting Spanish Colonial Troop Camps, featuring authentic weapons, clothing, and lifestyles to encourage discussion of historic facts.

Our group has performed for the public at Museums, Battle Reenactments, Motion Picture Films, and Schools. Each February, at the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine HFM hosts the School of the 16th Century Soldier. Members of the Men of Menéndez and other units set an authentic camp environment and can be visited while they demonstrate a variety of their military skills, crafts, and life ways. Workshops are held, lectures presented and members recruited. HFM also sponsors the annual re-enactment of the 1586 attack that Sir Francis Drake made on St. Augustine. Drake’s Raid is held in June at the Fountain of Youth Park and culminates with the Men of Menéndez and other units performing an 7 PM battle, guns and cannons roaring through the streets of St. Augustine.  Men of Menéndez participates in this encampment that celebrates the arrival of Spanish colonists on our shores.

MOM’s members are National Park Service (NPS) qualified and our Safety record has been perfect since 1981.  Our major focus, interpretive and in publications, has been to interpret the Spanish Exploratory Period and settlement of the 16th Century in La Florida. Step back in time, explore your interest in history, archaeology and travel. Come join us!  We hold open monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM, currently at the Globe Room Auditorium at the Fountain of Youth in downtown St. Augustine. 

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