Florida Joins the USA, 1821 Commemoration Event 2021 for Participants

July 10th 2021 marks the 200th Anniversary of Florida becoming a United States Territory. To commemorate this occasion, The Historic Florida Militia along with its partners, the City of St. Augustine, the University of Florida and the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park will present a weekend long event. Starting on Friday, July 9th and continuing through Saturday, July 10th, there will be a 19th Century Historical encampment at the Fountain of Youth. There will be free entrance from 9 am – 5 pm to the encampment from Myrtle Ave. The Change of Authority commemoration will be commence on July 10th, at 3:00pm at the Governor’s House Museum. Visitors will witness the signing of documents and Keys to the City will be exchanged. The entire group of military, dignitaries and townspeople dressed as they would have been in 1821, will proceed to the “Change of Flags” ceremony which will include cannon and musket firing at the National Guard Parade Grounds.

(Encampment set up will be on Thursday, July 8th after 12 noon and take down will be on Sunday, July 11th before 12 noon.)

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For questions please contact: Bob Alvarez: ribob2013@aol.com or Maria Alvarez @ ribob2000@aol.com.

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