Training Information

Spanish Matchlock Firing Drill

Spanish Matchlock Cartridge Drill

Local Sutlers

St. Augustine Textiles
58 St. George Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 823-9764

Custom Clothing

Heidi Mosier – (904) 829-8309 /

April Matt – (386) 503-9151 /

Beth Adelsperger – (904) 797-3714 /

Helena Sala  – (904) 826-3779 /
(cloth and woven thread covered buttons)


Garb the World

Dru Shoemaker


Kult of Athena

By the Sword

S. B. Juniper Hand Sewn Boots and Shoes


Boiled wool footed hose: Historic Enterprises

Boiled wool and cotton footed hose: Revival Clothing

Cotton footed tights (Bal Tog): River’s Edge Dancewear 

Late Medieval Belts, Clothing & Accessories

Revival Clothing

Historic Enterprises

Medieval Design

Revival Leather Goods / Adkins Historical Reproductions

The Jelling Dragon

Hats & Headware

St. Augustine Textiles (see above)

Heidi Mosier (see above)

Revival Clothing (see above)

Historic Enterprises (see above)

Tall Toad Hats and Headdresses

16th and 17th Century Collar and Cuff Ruffs*

*too late for 1513 but good for Menéndez period onward and instructions for making cloth- and woven thread-covered buttons*

The Renaissance Tailor Store

Custom Leather Goods

St. Augustine Textiles (see above)

Mark Warren
The Angry Leatherworker

Chris Clark – (904) 806-737 /

Custom Brass Castings

Buckles, Chapes, Fittings, Escutcheons, etc

Richard Lanni – (386) 956-8343 /

Period Firearms

John Buck

Ivan Henry Trading Company

Period Crossbows and Accessories

New World Arbalest

Aurora History Boutique

Swords, Armor, Helmets, Chain Mail, Gambesons, Other Martial Goods

Kult of Athena (see above)

By The Sword (see above)

Museum Replicas

Arms and Armor

Therion Arms

Get Dressed For Battle

The Military and Militia in Colonial Spanish America (St. Augustine) UF article

a joint opportunity gone awry 1740 siege of st augustine School of Advanced Military Studies

The War of the Traumatic Auriculectomy of Mr. Jenkins National Institutes of Health ( a medical viewpoint!)

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