St. Augustine Garrison Changing of the Guard from Historic Florida Militia on Vimeo.

Changing of the Guard

In 2016, the St. Augustine Garrison (or its subordinate units) will perform a monthly Changing of the Guard through the streets of St. Augustine.  This Changing of the Guard will take place on the last Saturday of the month, weather and schedules permitting.

Kings Guard

The Changing of the Guard represents the heightened state of military readiness which occurred in early 1740.  Due to the War between England and France (The War of Jenkin’s Ear), the St. Augustine Garrison was on high alert and posted a guard at the Governor’s residence.  This guard was maintained around the clock.  The guards guarding the Governor’s residence were ‘locked and loaded’ and ready to shoot any trespassers.  When their relief showed up, the newly arrived replacements were inspected, and then loaded their weapons.  The existing guards then had to unload their weapons, and the safest way to do this is to fire them.  This presents a good opportunity for the public to get some great photos.  After the discharge of the muskets,  the old guard retires and marches off to be relieved for the day (in reality they just march around the corner.)  After this an announcement will be made that the event is concluded and the public is invited to speak with the re-enactors and pose for photos.  After the question and answer session is concluded.  The Garrison marches back to the Taberna del Caballo to be dismissed to their families.  Many of them will enter the Taberna to relieve their thirst.  The public is invited to join in and pose for photos and ask any questions they may have.  We LOVE sharing our history!

It is our hope that our visitors will take photos, and share them on our Facebook page, or post videos of the event to Youtube, such as this one.

  1. January 16 and January 30
  2. February 27
  3. March 26
  4. April 30
  5. May 21
  6. June 25
  7. September 24

October -December dates are as yet unknown as they have not yet been approved by the St.  Johns Tourist Development Council.  If you would like to ensure that they get approved, please send an email to  the St Johns County Tourist Development Council (opens up your email editor in a separate window)