Registration will take place onsite when you arrive.  Searle’s Buccaneers annual membership dues of  $15 dollars per person will be collected at registration.  This is extremely important as only members of the company are covered for insurance purposes.  Please ensure that we at least have a good e-mail address and phone number for you on the registration form.  Additionally, the FOY requires a liability waiver be signed if you are camping on site.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Encampment Setup:

For those of you that are able to make it to Searle’s Raid this year here is a little information for you. The setup and arrival time for the event will be 12 noon Thursday March 5th at the Fountain of Youth. Remember that you are on your own for food on Thursday. Please, on Thursday, have your vehicle removed from the camping area as soon as you have unloaded and setup you equipment. There will be no overnight parking of vehicles in the camping area.

If you arrive on Friday during the day please unload as quickly as possible then move your car to the parking area; you can then return to setup your camp. If you arrive on Saturday you will need to park your car in the parking lot then unload your gear. Exceptions will be made for those with handicap access tags issued by a state DMV.

No vehicles will be allowed in camp on Saturday without the authorization of myself or another event organizer. Please see, or call me, if you have any questions about this. This will also stand for after the battle on Saturday night. If you need to break down your camp and leave before Sunday, again please, see an event organizer for help with this.

These rules are our attempt to keep the camping area as “period” as possible. We feel that this will enhance everyone’s enjoyment while at the event. Cars will be allowed into camp Sunday morning after 6am.

NEW CAMP PROCEDURES:  As a condition of our grant, the encampment area is open and free to the public.  We will be using the side gate as the main entrance to camp and will issue round red stickers to the public wishing to see the free encampment.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that ‘the free admission’ public, does not wander off into the paid areas of the FOY.  We will have our camp separated from the rest of FOY as best as possible.  FOY paid public will be issued the standard FOY sticker, and they are to have access to the camp as well.

FOY is the best area for us to camp in as one of the last remaining open spaces in town and the site of the original Menendez Landing.  The Fraser family like having us here as long as we don’t hurt their paid admissions.

General Appearance: Guidelines & Suggestions

There was little difference in the general appearance of St. Augustine’s Spaniards and the buccaneers who sacked the city. The town’s elite would favor military styles (St. Augustine was a presidio or garrison town). During this period, there were few uniform regulations for Spanish troops in the New World – dress was left to the individual unit commanders. Consequently, there was little uniformity and Spain’s American garrisons tended to wear whatever clothing was available. We know that Spanish artillery crews were issued blue uniforms faced with red in the early 1660s, before a similar uniform dress was applied to the infantry, though it is currently unknown whether or not these were in use in St. Augustine.

Native Americans (e.9., Timucuan, Apalachee, Guale,etc.) in the town would dress the same as the Spaniards; rural, pagan natives would be in traditional garb – loincloths, tattooed, painted, etc. The apparel of slaves would be similar to poor Spaniards. Buccaneers would look much like Spaniards, only more sea-faring garb – caps/head scarves, petticoat breeches, jerkins, earrings, etc. Their garb would be more eclectic and probably more worn – patched, stained with tar/rum/grease/wine/sweat/blood, ragged, etc. They wore what they could plunder, mostly, and wore it until it rotted away or they could steal replacements. The most distinctive difference in the buccaneers’ appearance is that they would be MUCH better armed than the Spaniards. As professional raiders they carried as many weapons as possible – the “tools of their trade.”

Most garb worn by English Civil War reenactors would be appropriate for this event.

After Action Review:  We will  use both our Facebook page and direct email to solicit your impression and comments about all aspects of the event.  We are trying to make it better every year.  Half of grant from the TDC must go towards advertising.  If you think you know of a good advertising venue for our event, please let us know! (