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Manual of the Spanish Garrison [gview file=””]

In another galaxy a long time ago [gview file=””]

The National Guard manual has all kinds of good information it it [gview file=””]

Training Information

NPS weapon firing drills have changed dramatically in the last 5 years due to the increased focused on safety, after a  number of incidents here at our own Castillo.  (Talk to an old-timer, he’ll tell you all about them!)

We are working on getting video of the new/approved NPS drill.

Cleaning Black Powder Weapons

Musket and Cannon Firing Drills and “cheat” sheets

Cannon Firing Procedures

Spanish Naval Drill – Command / Movement Sequence – Cheat Sheet (Part 1)

Spanish Naval Drill – Command / Movement Sequence – Cheat Sheet (Part 2)

Spanish Field Drill (Modified Stevens Drill)

Musket Firing Procedures

Spanish Flintlock Musket Drill

National Park Service Documentation


18th Century Field Artillery Manual (Rough Draft)

Musket Firing Procedures

Cannon Firing Procedures


Black Powder (Description)

Black Powder Safety Tips

Castillo Black Powder Safety Plan

General Information

About Cannon School

About Musket School

Notes on Firing a Flintlock Weapon

Historical Resources

 The Rifle in the American Revolution

 The History of Black Powder

 Notes on the Arquebus

 Varieties of Cannon