St. Augustine Garrison

The members of the St. Augustine Garrison are men and women who come from different walks of life but are united by a common interest in preserving history. Garrison members promote a general interest in history by participating in educational programs designed to inform and entertain the general public in a family friendly format.

The St. Augustine Garrison follows strict safety guidelines and adheres to National Park Service policies as it applies to the use of black powder while on park service property. The NPS does not allow minors below age 16 to participate in musket and cannon black powder firing demonstrations. Minors younger than age 16 are allowed, and encouraged, to participate in other living history activities (e.g. – drumming, fifing, arts and crafts) which facilitate learning.

The Garrison has a membership base that includes both retired and working individuals. The Garrison has a flexible volunteer policy based on a shared understanding about busy work / family schedules. There is no policy that mandates an ongoing committment. However, the Garrison does encourage its members to participate in activities for fulfillment, educational, and personal enrichment purposes.

Membership in the St. Augustine Garrison is open to any one who has an interest in promoting and preserving history while having fun in the process. Go to the Garrison Membership page for additional information about membership.

The East Florida Rangers, Inc. are an associate group of Floridians who model themselves after the original East Florida Rangers, active during St Augustine’s British Period. They can be found helping at Garrison sponsored events. You can find more information at

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